History 498

HIST 498

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HIST 498. Independent Study (*). (1-6).

Prerequisite: At least three hours of history at the 100 level and advance permission of instructor.

See “Independent Study” in university catalog.


Detailed Description of Content of Course

Student works closely with one member of the department who defines the requirements for the course which vary among instructors. A topic of study is defined and the student works, largely independently, through the semester, to research and report on the topic. Each instructor will define by nature of the content of the study whether it meets History major requirements in Group A, B, or C.


Detailed Description of Conduct of Course

Each independent study will vary depending on research topic and instructor. Requirements may include, but are not restricted to, a full-length research paper, a series of shorter papers or analyses, and periodic meetings with the instructor to discuss readings and findings.


Goals and Objectives

Students completing an independent study will have

1. become more self sufficient and independent in terms of their research or inquiry skills
2. completed an in-depth study of a particular aspect of history
3. enhanced their reading/writing/and critical thinking skills


Assessment Measures

Each instructor defines assessment measures appropriate to the particular research project. Grading for the course may be based entirely on the final product or on other progressive assignments throughout the semester. These may include, but are not limited to, preliminary bibliographies, draft papers, discussion sessions dealing with assigned readings or research ideas, etc.


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