History 392

HIST 392

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History 392: Special Topics in History (*).
One to three hours lecture and/or discussion (1-3).

Prerequisites: At least three hours of history at the 100-level.

Detailed study of topics or period of history not covered in current course offerings.  A new course description is available for each time the course is offered.  This course may be taken more than once for credit with a different topic.


Detailed Description of Content of Course

World War II (example)

1. Causes of the War
2. The War Against Germany and Italy


a. German Victories
b. The African-Mediterranean War
c. The Russian War
d. Allied Victories in Western Europe
e. The Sea War
f. The Air War


3. The War Against Japan


a. Japanese Victories
b. Carrier Warfare
c. Submarine Warfare
d. Allied Victories in the Pacific
e. The Air War


4. The Other War


a. Scientists at War
b. Propaganda in the War
c. Intelligence in the War
d. Industry in the War


5. The Results of the War


Detailed Description of Conduct of Course

Student discussion will be the emphasis of the course along with individualized research projects.


Goals and Objectives of the Course

1. Students will be able to investigate in detail a topic or period of history.
2. Students will be able to understand major issues within this topic.
3. Student will be able to improve research, oral and written presentation, but above all, thinking skills.


Assessment Measures

Assessment of students is based on grades on examinations in class as well as on other graded material such as student participation, term papers, book reviews, and essays.


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