German 460

GRMN 460: Special Topics

Prerequisite: GRMN 300

Credit Hours: (3 or 4) Three or four hours lecture

Advanced study of topics in language, literature or culture. All work conducted in German. May be taken twice for credit.


Detailed Description of Content of Course

Advanced topics in culture, literature, or language. The content will vary with the topic chosen. Students read all stories in German which averages out to about 7 pages of reading per day. Students give oral reports to be followed by a written version.


Detailed Description of Conduct of Course

Students read all texts in German.The instructor assists students with reading comprehension, lectures on the cultural and biographical background of the works and on their literary features (if the topic is literary), and leads the class discussion. Students give oral reports on the topics they have chosen. Only German is spoken in class; reports are likewise written in German.


Goals and Objectives of the Course

Students will develop reading skills that will enable them to read with consistent understanding prose of greater length and intended for the general reader. In areas of special interest or knowledge, students will increasingly be able to understand parts of texts which are propositionally and linguistically complex. Students will be able to analyze and synthesize a variety of cultural information and present orally and in writing their findings about concrete and abstract topics.


Assessment Measures

Students will be able to demonstrate their fulfillment of course objectives in reading comprehension quizzes, class performance grades, midterm and final exams, and in oral and written reports.


Other Course Information

German 460 may be taken twice if the topics are different.


Approval and Subsequent Reviews
September 2005 Reviewed Philip Sweet