German 301, 302

GRMN 301, 302:  German Grammar and Composition

Prerequisite: GRMN 210

Credit Hours: (4,4) Four hours lecture

Intensive oral and written practice of the complete grammar as used by native speakers.


Detailed Description of Content of Course

A thematically organized text is used to progressively review and expand the use of basic and advanced elements of German grammar presented in German 100, 200, 210 and 300. Grammar is also reviewed with current cultural information from periodicals, German language broadcasting, and the Internet.


Detailed Description of Conduct of Course

Each grammatical area is presented and then practiced through oral and written drills, translations, and through teacher-directed communication and discussion with specific focus on concrete, culturally-appropriate situations. Students submit compositions regularly and must revise them for grammatical and lexical accuracy.


Goals and Objectives of Course

Students progress toward a practical mastery of German morphology and syntax as a basis for accurate oral communication and writing. Students learn to identify and practice the distinctions between the grammars of oral and written standard German. Students can meet a number of practical and professional writing needs while showing control of syntax of sentences and basic inflectional morphology. Students will also be able to discuss and write about a number of current social issues and events.


Assessment Measures

Assessment measures include:

1. Written examinations of grammar in both discrete-item and communicative formats.
2. Classroom performance grades.
3. Narrative written homework assignments.


Other Course Information

Although the sequence 301 then 302 is recommended, these two courses may be taken in reverse order.


Approval and Subsequent Reviews
September 2005 reviewed Philip Sweet