French 361

FREN 361: Advanced Grammar and Composition

Prerequisite: FREN 300 or four years of high school French

Credit Hours: Four hours lecture

Intensive study of grammar and composition.


Detailed Description of Content of Course

This course is intended for third-level students who have a solid foundation in basic grammar and good intermediate-level writing skills.

Grammar content of the course

1. Review of the indicative, simple and compound tenses, with emphasis on irregular verbs, verb usage which is different from English, and the difference between the passé compose and the imperfect.
2. Review of the subjunctive, simple and compound tenses, with emphasis on usage.
3. A thorough review of the literary tenses, with special emphasis on the difference between the passé compose and the passé simple
4. A thorough review of the pronouns (personal, interrogative, stressed and relative), with emphasis on direct and indirect object pronouns.


Compositions will include:

1. Précis of expository articles dealing with French culture or political/social questions.
2. “Point of view”, compositions dealing with a controversial subject. [ exercise using the subjunctive].
3. A term paper dealing with some aspect of French culture, a literary work, or a current event.


Detailed Description of Conduct of Course

This course will be conducted entirely in French. Grammar and composition will be taught simultaneously, with emphasis on practical application of the grammatical principles studied. The first compositions will be written in the present tense, the second compositions in the past, and later compositions will require sophisticated use of all the tenses. There will also be a progression from simple to complex sentence structure. Students will often form small groups in which they will have the opportunity to read,

comment on, and correct each other’s work. They will also have the opportunity to consult with the instructor before submitting their compositions for a final grade.


Goals and Objectives of the Course

1. Students will acquire an understanding of French grammar at the advanced level.
2. Students will acquire good writing skills. The student should be able to write a well-constructed, grammatically correct composition of 500 words in a fifty minute period.
3. Students will be able to write précis, “explications de texte”, essays and term papers.


Assessment Measures

Class participation, written compositions (both in class and out-of-class), grammar tests, the final examination (a composition and a grammar component).


Other Course Information

The department advises students to take this class before enrolling in 400-level courses.


Approval and Subsequent Reviews
September 2005 Reviewed Philip Sweet