Foreign Language 498

FORL 498
Independent Study

1. Catalog Entry

FORL 498
Independent Study

Credit hours (1-6)
Prerequisites: Permission of the Instructor

FORL 498 is designed for advanced foreign language students who wish to carry out independent language and cultural studies or other scholarly study under the supervision of a faculty mentor.  Students will study in consultation with their mentor and with approval by their department chair or director.  The student’s mentor will design the syllabus and assessments for the language and cultural studies.  Students can also pursue their interests for further research.  They can also design the research topics together with their mentor.

2. Detailed Description of Course

Content for this course will vary dependent upon student interest and the research project initiated.

3. Detailed Description of Conduct of Course

Prior to enrolling in FORL 498, students will meet with their faculty mentors and present their research design.  Upon agreement by students and faculty mentors regarding the research project, final expected product, and method of evaluation of this product, students will obtain permission from the department chair or program director.  A maximum of four credit hours of FORL 498 can be applied toward the Minor or the Major; any additional credit hours will apply as university electives.  

4. Goals and Objectives of the Course

Student goals and objectives of the course will vary and are dependent upon student interest.

5. Assessment Measures

Students and their mentors will, at the initial planning and approval process, agree upon assessment of student performance.

6. Other Course Information


Review and Approval

September 2, 2014