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ENGL 606

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English 606. Technical and Business Writing
Three hours lecture (3).

Students will become more familiar with principles of effective technical and professional communication. Graduate students in English will prepare for teaching or for work as communication specialists in business or government. Graduate students in other Departments will prepare for the writing they will do in their careers.

The students will learn about writing done in professional settings outside of academia, develop an effective prose style for professional writing, and learn about graphics and document design.

Also, English graduate students will receive instruction in teaching technical and professional writing, to prepare them to teach business, professional, or technical writing in addition to composition, literature, and/or theory, as Instructors or Professors.


Detailed Description of Content of Course

"Technical and Business Writing" will introduce graduate students to communication situations and documents common in business and government, through readings, discussion, and writing assignments.

Also, the course will provide opportunity for students who plan to teach writing to observe and participate in instruction in an English 306 section taught by Dr. Samson at 8:00 TTh and in the Spring 1998 semester. Students intending to teach writing will explore course design in technical and professional writing, observe an experienced professor teaching ENGL 306, participate in instruction, and analyze the objectives and assignments of such a course. Students will gain insights into students' writing needs in order to consider how to prepare them for the writing they will do in their work. Work with students, individually and in small groups, will raise observations, concerns, and questions about teaching technical and professional writing for discussion English 580.


Detailed Description of Conduct of Course

All writing assignments for English 606 are to be submitted double-spaced ( not fully justified), well written, edited, and proofread. Sentence-level errors in spelling, grammar, punctuation, etc. and will reduce the effectiveness of what you've written, so you must edit and proofread your writing carefully, just as in a professional setting.


Goals and Objectives of the Course


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March 1999