Criminal Justice 341

CRJU 341: Introduction to Forensic Science

Prerequisites: CRJU 320

Credit Hours: (3)

Study of the application of biological and physical sciences in the legal system. The course introduces the student to the basic principles and methods of forensic science.

Note(s): Students may not receive credit for both CRJU 241 and CRJU 341.

Detailed Description of Content of Course

Topics for discussion may include, but are not limited to:

(1) Science and the law
(2) History of forensic science
(3) Crime scene processing
(4) Preservation and transportation of physical and trace evidence
(5) Courtroom procedures in presenting evidence
(6) Laboratory processing
(7) DNA analysis and typing
(8) Firearms and ballistics
(9) Questioned documents
(10) Tool mark identification
(11) Fingerprint identification

Detailed Description of Conduct of Course

CRJU 341 will be taught primarily by lecture, discussion and laboratory exercises.

Goals and Objectives of the Course

Having successfully completed this course, the student will:

(1) Describe the role of forensic science in the criminal justice system.
(2) Explain the major specialty areas in forensic science.
(3) Apply forensic scientific investigative techniques to real or hypothetical scenarios.

Assessment Measures

(1) Evaluations may include, but are not limited to: exams, quizzes, written assignments, labs, and informal and/or formal presentations.


Other Course Information


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