Criminal Justice 290

CRJU 290: Seminar

Prerequisites: CRJU100  

Credit Hours: (3)

Concentrated study of specific area of criminal justice. May be taken again for credit as long as course content varies.


Detailed Description of Course

Each proposal for a seminar course must include a description of the content of the course. That description should include the primary and secondary readings that will be central features of the course, the nature and purposes of writing assignments, and the nature and purposes of any projects, performances, or field experiences that will be a part of the course.


Detailed Description of Conduct of Course

A variety of instructional techniques will be utilized in this course. The class will be taught under the philosophy of active learning and student participation. A number of strategies will be utilized to provoke student interest and discussion, including (but not limited to):

  • Critical analysis of works of fiction, films, and classic literature within criminal justice.
  • Case-study examinations of controversial issues.
  • Class discussion, role-playing, roundtables, debates, and/or multimedia presentations.
  • Various written assignments.
  • Traditional lecture.
  • Guest speakers.


Student Goals and Objectives of the Course

Each proposal for a seminar course will include a description of the goals and objectives of the course. These goals can be both content and process oriented.


Assessment Measures

Assessment measures may include any combination of the following:

  • Exams (in-class and/or out-of-class) designed to permit synthesis and application of course material.
  • Short quizzes over assigned reading or class presentations.
  • Individual or group presentations/debates/role-plays/etc.
  • Classroom discussion and participation.
  • Reflective journal assignments.
  • Analytic written assignments.


Other Course Information


Approval and Subsequent Reviews