Communication and Media Studies 650

COMS 650: Seminar in Interpersonal Communication

Prerequisites:  Graduate Standing

Credit Hours:  3

Seminar format in which students will discuss and explore concepts and theories relating to interpersonal communication in work relationships and personal relationships.


Detailed Description of Course

List of topics or major units

  • Ourselves as communicators
  • Verbal and nonverbal communication
  • Listening
  • Engaging others
  • Family and friends
  • Romantic relationships
  • Gender and communication
  • Communication walls
  • Conflict
  • Culture and communication
  • Promoting Dialogue


Detailed Description of Conduct of Course

A variety of methods will be used to teach the course.  For instance, seminar reports might be assigned in which the students will present a reading to the class.  Not only do they present this material, but they also lead a discussion about the material by constructing discussion questions.  The student must also relate their readings with concepts/theories from previous readings.  Exams may be administered to assess the students’ mastery of the material.  And, students might be required to write a research proposal or complete a final project.


Student Goals and Objectives of the Course

Having successfully completed this course, graduate students will be able to communicate more effectively in the workplace as well as in their personal relationships.  An understanding of interpersonal communication concepts and theories allows students to navigate the work world more efficiently, which can lead to greater success in their careers.  In addition, the student should be able to identify communication problems and have a repertoire of tools from which to manage or solve those problems.


Assessment Measures

A variety of assessment measures may include exams, final papers or final projects, and seminar reports.


Other Course Information

The following textbooks are suggested for this course:

Stewart, J. (2000).  Bridges not walls:  A book about interpersonal communication (8th ed.).  Boston, MA:  McGraw Hill.

Galvin, K.M., & Cooper, P.J. (2003).  Making Connections:  Readings in relational

communication (3rd ed.).  Los Angeles, CA:  Roxbury Publishing Company.