Communication and Media Studies 560

COMS 560: Special Topics in Media Studies

Prerequisite:  Permission of Instructor 

Credit Hours: (3)                                     
A comprehensive study of special interest topics in Media Studies.  Each topic will be described in detail when offered.  The course may be taken for credit multiple times, provided that the topics are substantially different, and the Department or School approves.


Detailed Description of Course

The course is intended to provide interdisciplinary opportunities for learning that are not normally available within the current program structure and is designed to serve students from a variety of graduate programs.  Topics will be based on student need and faculty expertise, paying particular attention to issues in interdisciplinary studies.  Guest presenters may be invited to share expertise depending on the course topics.


Detailed Description of Conduct of Course

Course content and conduct will vary depending on the topic.  As a graduate course, topics will be studied in a comprehensive and scholarly manner.  Typical instructional strategies would include student presentations, cooperative learning, demonstrations, group discussions, audio-visual materials, research, guest speakers, and lecture.


Goals and Objectives of the Course.

Specific goals and objectives will vary with the content and topics presented.  Generally, students who successful complete the course will have a greater understanding of the topic in its disciplinary and interdisciplinary context and be able to apply interdisciplinary strategies to a variety of academic problems and settings.


Assessment Measures

Assessment will depend on the specific topic and the requirements of the instructor.  These may include oral presentations, research papers, examinations, discussion participation, group projects, etc.  Specific requirements will be defined in the course syllabus.  If COMS 560 is taught concurrently with COMS 460, the syllabus will include specific requirements and performance expectations for graduate students that exceed those for undergraduate students.


Other Course Information    



Review and Approval

April 2007