Communication and Media Studies 326

COMS 326: Web Production

Prerequisites: COMS 130, COMS 226 or ITEC 225, or permission of the instructor

Credit hours (3)

Instruction and practice in designing interactive Web sites for the mass media. Course also introduces web aesthetics, digital imaging and other applications for the web.

Detailed Description of Course

Web Production involves the process of developing basic to advanced websites. Web coding, web editors, and content management systems will be used for website creation. File structure and management are discussed and demonstrated as well as file transfer using various methods such as file transfer protocol. History and progressive trends regarding web technologies are also discussed throughout the course. Aesthetics, page layout and usability are demonstrated and considered as students create websites. Search engine optimization will be discussed and demonstrated as well as analytic and tracking technologies. Ethical issues surrounding web technologies such as fair use are covered in this course.

Detailed Description of Conduct of Course

Lectures will focus on legal, aesthetic and theoretical issues while laboratory time will be spent on exercises. Laboratory instruction will begin with a demonstration of a program or technique using an overhead projection of a computer screen. Students will work alone and in groups using computers and related equipment to create websites and web content. Asynchronous learning resources will also be made available on the web via a learning management system.

Goals and Objectives of the Course

Students who successfully complete this course will have acquired skills that will enable them to:
    1) Create websites and web related content for a variety of jobs, particularly the field of communication,
    2) Critique and make adequate judgments regarding aesthetics, usability, optimization, tracking, and file size,
    3) Have a good understanding of the legal and ethical rights and responsibilities of the mass media in dealing with various
       web-based content including sound, video, and images.

Assessment Measures

The assessment measures proposed are traditional: assigned projects, mid-term and final examinations, quizzes on readings, and class participation.

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