Communication and Media Studies 160

COMS 160: Introductory Topics in Media and Communication

Prerequisite: None

Credit hours (3)

The course covers current topics in communication and media.  Topics will vary depending on the faculty teaching the course and their area of expertise. Note(s): May not be repeated for credit.

Detailed Description of Course

The content of the course will vary term to term buy may include:
    1. New communication technologies
    2. Targeting and measuring media audiences
    3. Management of new media systems
    4. Communication synergies in society
    5. Writing for various forms of media
    6. Communication’s role in various disciplines (health communication, non-profit                     communication, science communication, government communication, etc.
    7. Visual communication.

Detailed Description of Conduct of Course

The conduct of the course will vary dependingon the instructor and course content but may include:
    1. Lectures
    2. Small group discussion
    3. Writing
    4. Group work
    5. Visual design
    6. Computer design and coding

Goals and Objectives of the Course

By the end of the semester, students should be able to:
    1. Write for the various forms of mass media
    2. Design for print and digital forms of visual media
    3. Describe new forms of digital media and how they affect interactive communication
    4. Design visual communication messages for digital media
    5. Analyze audiences and how communication can affect them

Assessment Measures

Assessment measures will vary depending on the instructor and course content but may include:
    1. quizzes
    2. exams
    3. writing assignments
    4. computer lab work
    5. visual media design
    6. group work
    7. class attendance

Other Course Information


Review and Approval

April 4, 2017