Recreation, Parks and Tourism 690

RCPT 690: Seminar in Experiential Education

Credit Hours: (3)

Emphasis on current issues in the management and development of experiential programs. Examines one specific topic during any one semester of the school year.

Note(s): Students may take this course for a maximum of six hours credit.


Detailed Description of Content of the Course


a. Topic must be subject matter centered and acceptable as a group or societal problems approach & inquiry.
b. Special emphasis placed on pertinent literature and research.
c. Special emphasis placed on interdisciplinary approach to contemporary patterns and trends in recreation


a. Group works at their pace.
b. Presentation of the abstract or theoretical and the applied or practical
c. Special emphasis on projecting future patterns or trends


a. Results should provide students with a lucid understanding of the factors affecting change within the modern leisure service movement.
b. Should provide background and understanding of one top left requiring intensive inquiry into recreation and leisure studies.
c. Should provide a conceptual framework in which students grasp awareness of social change and how such change could affect the life styles and living patterns of all people.

Text: Assigned according to topic and necessity.



Review and Approval

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