Recreation, Parks and Tourism 655

RCPT 655: Leisure Education

Credit Hours: (3)

Develops an understanding of the need for recreation education in today’s society and how to plan, implement and provide education within the recreation systems.


Detailed Description of Content of the Course

A. The Concept of Educating for Leisure-Centered Living

1. Definition
2. Purpose
3. Philosophical considerations
4. The need for leisure education in today's society

B. Leisure Education In Leisure Systems

1. Public systems
2. Therapeutic systems
3. Private systems

C. Leisure Education in American Educational System

1. Early childhood
2. Elementary
3. Junior high
4. High school
5. Institutions of higher learning

D. Planning for Education for Leisure

1. Establishing goals and objectives
2. Leisure education as advisable curriculum objectives
3. Utilization of leisure activities as a learning modality

E. Models for Implementation

1. System approach
2. Information processing approach
3. Remedial therapeutic approach
4. Lifestyle approach


Review and Approval

Course number changed from 555 to 655