Recreation, Parks and Tourism 635

RCPT 635 - Research Applications in Recreation, Parks and Tourism

Credit Hours: (3)

Provides basic understanding of research and its planning and application within recreation services.


II.  Course Objectives

        A.  To provide the student with an understanding of basic research methods.
        B.  To develop the student's ability to critically analyze published research in parks and recreation.
        C.  To assist the student in defining a topic suitable for a thesis.
        D.  To assist the student in developing the thesis topic into a viable proposal.

III. Course Content                               

        A. Scientific Method
        B. Types of Research
                i. Historical
                ii. Descriptive
                iii. Experimental
        C. Problem Identification
                 i. General area
                 ii. Specific statement
        D. Hypothesis
                i. Research hypothesis
                ii. Null hypothesis
        E. Literature Search
        F. Reliability
        G. Validity
                i. Internal
                ii. External
        H. Variables
                i. Dependent
                ii. Independent
                iv. Intervening
                v. Organismic
        I. Sampling Techniques for Randomness
        J. Instrumentation
        K. Data Collection
        L. Analysis of Data
        M. Interpretation of Data
        N. Experimental Designs
        O. Expost Facto Research
        P. Survey Research

IV.  Course Requirements and Grading

        A.  Quizzes 6 total (count only 5 @ 20 pts. each) 100
        B.  Critiques (2 @ 25 pts. each) 50
        C.  Proposal  100
        D.  Comprehensive Examination 100
        E.  350 points total

Scale: 315 - 350 « A
280 - 314 = B
245 - 279 = C
210 - 244 = D
209 -   0 = F