Recreation, Parks and Tourism 624

RCPT 624: Environmental Issues

Credit Hours: (3)

In-depth study of environmental issues facing outdoor recreation agencies. Focuses on care of resources and programming for large numbers of people. Discusses teaching and interpretation methodologies for education a general audience.


Detailed Description of Content of the Course


            a. Public lands
            b. Wilderness
            c. Wild lands

Agencies Managing Public Lands

            a. Federal agencies
            b. State agencies
            c. Special districts
            d. County agencies
            e. Local agencies


            a. Wilderness Act of 1964
            b. Land and Water Conservation Fund
            c. Eastern Wilderness Act of 1968

Current State of the Art

            a. Amount and location of lands
            b. Uses of land
            c. Problems of managing agencies
            d. Alaska
            e. Increase of popularity
            f. Quality vs. quantity
            g. Outdoor education
            h. Environmental Impact statements

Methods of Management

            a. Preservation vs. conservation
            b. Resource care
            c. People management



Review and Approval

New course approval
Course number change from 524 to 624