Recreation, Parks and Tourism 617

RCPT 617: Seminar in Recreation (Topical)

Credit Hours: (1-4) Hours and credit to be arranged

Covers factors affecting leisure-centered living, specific topical inquiry and conceptual analysis of modern recreation, urban or rural recreation, sociology of sport, surveys in recreation.

Note(s): Students may take course again for maximum of six hours credit. Offered in the Fall and Spring, alternate years.


Course Objective

To provide the student with a topical inquiry into a specific subject.  (Topics may include grantsmanship, professionalism, speleology, etc.)

Course Procedures

  • Determined by the instructor

Course Assignments

  • Determined by the instructor

Course Grading

  • Determined by the instructor

Course Outline

  • Determined by the instructor


Review and Approval

1/13/89 New course approved
3/12/99 Course number change