Recreation, Parks and Tourism 601

RCPT 601: Environmental and Experiential Philosophy

Credit Hours: (3)

Provides an advanced understanding of philosophical perspectives and theories relating to the experiential learning and environmental education.

Note(s): Offered in the fall.

I. Course Objectives

        A. To enable the student to broaden his/her under standing of philosophical issues related to leisure.
        B. To enable the student to further develop a personal philosophy of leisure.                     
        C. For the student to integrate philosophical issues related
to leisure and outside factors which effect the basis
of such philosophy.
        D. For the student to logically analyze philosophical issues
related to leisure.

III. Course Content

        A. Definitions
                1. leisure
                2. play    
                3. work
                4. recreation
                5. professional
        B. Historical Theories
                1. biological
                2. physiological
                3. psychological
                4. sociological
                5. 20th century
                        a. Lee
                        b. Nash
                        c. Romney
        C. Branches of Philosophy
                1. metaphysics
                2. epistemology
                3. logic
                4. axiology
        D. Philosophical Effects of Leisure Problems
               1. causes
                        a. industry
                        b. technology
                        c. automation
                        d. population
                        e. prosperity
                        f. medicine
                2. symptoms
                        a. spectatorship
                        b. busyness
                        c. boredom
        E. Other Influencing- Factors
                1. economics
                2. cultural effects
                3. values
                4. religion
                5. environment
        F. Current Philosophical Issues in Leisure

IV. Course requirements

        A. Critical Reviews (2) — less than five pages each
                1. written and oral presentation
                2. written only
        B. A personal philosophy of leisure (less than ten pages)
        C.    Comprehensive Final

V. Evaluation and trading

        A. Written and Oral Review
        B. Written
        C. Personal Philosophy
        D. Comprehensive Final

Review and Approval
   New course approved
   Course number changed from 501 to 601