Recreation, Parks and Tourism 498

RCPT 498: Independent Study

Prerequisites: Senior standing; permission from a departmental faculty member, who will supervise the project, must be obtained one semester prior to semester in which student enrolls in course

Credit Hours: (1-4) Hours and credit to be arranged

Offers opportunity to pursue in-depth a topic relevant to the recreation, park, and tourism field.


Detailed Description of Content of the Course

For the most part, the content is determined by the number of credits being assigned, the faculty member who is directing the study and the student's outlined proposal. In general, the content may range from an in-depth library research paper to a survey research project. The topics considered in the course (study) are determined by the student's outline and consultation with the faculty advisor directing the course.


Detailed Description of Conduct of the Course

The current University catalog provides general guidelines and procedures in the conduct of the course (study). In addition, the department requires the student to complete an Independent Study form ("Proposal for Independent Study") with an attached outline of the work to be completed. This form and outline are to be completed and approved during the semester prior to the enrollment in the course. The student, major advisor, director of study, department chair and College Curriculum Committee Chair must approve the study. Once approved, the student may enroll in the course and proceed with the study.


Goals and Objectives of the Course

The goals and objectives of the course (study) are in reality contained in the proposal and in association with the study director, for example:

A directed study focusing on professional practice in  therapeutic recreation might incorporate the following goals and objectives but are not limited to:

  • Identify divergent philosophical frames of reference influencing the contemporary practice of therapeutic recreation
  • Identify the innate characteristic of professionalism and professional bodies and their influence upon the delivery of services
  • Identify and articulate professional ethics within professional practice
  • Identify the role played by government/regulatory bodies influencing the provision of therapeutic recreation services


Assessment Measures

Assessment of the student's success in the course is determined by the quality of the study. A letter grade or pass-fail grade is determined at the time the proposal is submitted.


Other Course Information



Review and Approval

Reviewed February 2005 Edward Udd, Chair