Recreation, Parks and Tourism 423

RCPT 423: Recreation Administration

Prerequisites: RCPT 112, RCPT 210 and RCPT 313 or permission of chairperson

Credit Hours: (3)

Introduction to the administration of recreation, parks, and tourism.  Emphasis on fiscal management, personnel management, organizational structure, marketing techniques and legal foundations in recreation, parks and tourism departments.


Detailed Description of the Content of the Course

This course deals with the detailed skills and knowledge needed to administer programs, facilities, staff, and recreation departments. Specifically, the course addresses issues in fiscal management, marketing, and management of daily operations. Topics studied include sources of revenue, budget process, liability, personnel practices, risk management, department organization, labor unions, pricing, public relations, marketing, and theories of management.


Detailed Description of the Conduct of the Course

The course will address the topics of fiscal/financial management, operations, and marketing. The primary means of imparting this information will be through lectures.

However, video-tapes, case studies, guests, and role playing will provide a means for discussion and clarifying questions.

Students will be assigned topics that must be written in memorandum or letter form. A role-playing department will be established and letters/ memorandums will be written accordingly. Topics for the memorandums/letters will correspond to the course content.


Goals and Objectives of the Course

At the conclusion of the course, the student will:

1. Identify past and present management theories as a means of facilitating the development of an individual perspective of management.
2. Explain knowledge associated with recreation, parks and tourism staff and relations with board members.
3. Define skills applicable to administering a marketing campaign for a recreation, parks and tourism department.
4. Appraise various sources of revenue, the budgeting process, and other skills required in financial management.
5. Practice skills and techniques which will be helpful in the administration of the personnel section of a recreation department.


Assessment Measures

Grading assignments to determine competencies gained will include three major tests, ten memorandums/ letters, and ten unannounced quizzes/homework assignments. Also, participation in class, attendance, and any additional assignments will be factored into the grading process.


Other Course Information



Review and Approval

Reviewed February 2005 Edward Udd, Chair