Recreation, Parks and Tourism 414

RCPT 414: Recreation Workshop

Prerequisites: RCPT 112, RCPT 210 and RCPT 313

Credit Hours: (3)

Students will simulate a park and recreation department. Programs will be planned, financed, coordinated, conducted, and evaluated for different groups throughout the community. Students are evaluated on their ability to deliver program services to different constituent groups, and well as their ability to develop collaborative relationships.


Detailed Description of Content of the Course

Students will simulate a park and recreation delivery system.   Service programs will be planned, financed, coordinated, and   conducted for different groups throughout the community.


Detailed Description of Conduct of the Course

Students develop an organizational network that includes a director, supervisors, and recreation specialists.   After creating the organization, students begin to develop and publicize programs for community groups.

Evaluation is the final aspect of programming. However, "personnel evaluations" are conducted a minimum of twice throughout the semester for each student.


Goals and Objectives of the Course

At the conclusion of the course, the student will have:

1. Participated in the planning, implementation, and evaluation of eight recreation programs.
2. Been evaluated twice on their individual performance within each of these programs.
3. Cooperated with at least four other agencies in order to provide recreation programs.
4. Conducted other student evaluations for each of eight recreation programs.


Assessment Measures

Students will be assessed according to contemporary personnel standards applied in the recreation, parks and tourism profession. Evaluations include direct supervisors, subordinates, and peer assessments.


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Review and Approval

Revised 2013

February 2005 Edward Udd, Chair