Recreation, Parks and Tourism 260

RCPT 260: Outdoor Leadership

Prerequisites: Major in RCPT or OURL minor

Credit Hours: (3)

This course is designed to introduce students to the foundations and theories of outdoor leadership. Students will examine the broad scope of the profession and the theory and practice of outdoor recreation/leadership. Topics will include: leadership development and styles, decision making, values and ethics, teaching and facilitation, safety and risk management and environmental stewardship.

Detailed Description of Course

The course covers the following topics:

- History of Outdoor Leadership
- Professional Development
- Theories of Leadership
- Leadership in Practice
- Judgment and Decision Making
- Values and Ethics
- Facilitation
- Teaching Strategies
- Environmental Stewardship
- Safety and Risk Management

Detailed Description of Conduct of Course

Course instruction strategies may include the following: lecture, oral communication, peer instruction, philosophy statement, book reviews and/or case studies.

Student Goals and Objectives of the Course

Objectives of this course are as follows:

- Identify and describe historical influences that have effected outdoor recreation and leadership
- Identify and describe outdoor leadership theories
- Identify and describe basic principles of safety and risk management in outdoor recreational settings
- Explain the importance and value of outdoor leadership and profession

Assessment Measures

Students may be assessed through the following assignments: written exams, philosophy papers/statements, analysis of case studies, book reviews, field trips and/or peer instruction/leading.

Other Course Information

Martin, B., Cashel, C., Wagstaff, M., & Breunig, M. (2006). Outdoor leadership: Theory and practice.  Champaign, IL: Human Kinetics.  

Review and Approval


June 20, 2015