Health Education 465

HLTH 465: Exercise, Performance, and Nutrition

Prerequisite: HLTH 200, BIOL 322 or BIOL 310

Credit Hours: (3)

Designed to examine the relationship of exercise, physical activity, and performance as they relate to nutrition. It includes basic information on human energy systems, weight control, sports nutrition, and proper diet.

Detailed Description of Content of Course
●  Introduction to Sports Nutrition
    °  Nutrition for Sport Performance
    °  Nutrition for Health
    °  Nutrition for Physical Fitness
●  Nutrition Guidelines and My Pyramid.Gov
    °  Nutrition Assessment

    °  Human Energy Systems
    °  Metabolism and Predicting Nutrition Needs
●  Components of a Healthy Diet
    °  Carbohydrates
        ▪ Carbohydrate Loading
    °  Fats
        ▪ Fats and Exercise
    °  Protein
        ▪ Protein Needs of Athletes
    ° Vitamins
    °  Minerals
    °  Supplements
●  Water and Electrolyte Balance
    °  Regulation of Body Temperature
    °  Exercise and Fluid Replacement
●  Body Composition
    °  Healthy Weight Loss
    °  Healthy Weight Gain
    °  Ergogenic Aids


Detailed Description of Conduct of Course
A variety of instructional methods will be used including lecture, small group work, case studies, class presentations, guest speakers, and the internet, Student Management System, and fitness/nutrition labs.


Goals and Objectives of the Course

Goals, objectives and assignments in this class address Virginia Department of Education Health and

Physical Education (VDOE HPE) Licensure Standards, specifically:

VDOE HPE Standard 5.c: Understanding of the knowledge, skills, and processes for teaching health education, including nutrition, body image, and weight management.

The codes below refer to the above referenced VDOE HPE Standards for beginning health and physical education teachers.

As a result of successfully completing this course, each student will be able to:
●  Demonstrate an understanding of nutrient requirements related to athletic performance (VDOE HPE Standard 5.c).
●  Demonstrate an understanding of human energy systems (VDOE HPE Standard 5.c).
●  Discuss the relationship of good nutrition to normal healthy functioning of the human body (VDOE HPE Standard 5.c).
●  Explain the importance of carbohydrates, fat, protein, vitamins, and minerals for athletic performance (VDOE HPE Standard 5.c).
●  Understand the concepts of sports nutrition, body composition, and ergogenic aids (VDOE HPE Standard 5.c).
●  Demonstrate a thorough understanding of the relationship of water, electrolytes, and temperature regulation for exercise (VDOE HPE Standard 5.c).
●  Explain the relationship of weight gain/weight loss to improve body composition through proper exercise and nutrition (VDOE HPE Standard 5.c).
●  Complete a computerized analysis of 3-day food record and interpret its relevance to the needs of athletic individuals (VDOE HPE Standard 5.c).
●  Discuss the current research for physical performance and nutrition (VDOE HPE Standard 5.c).

Assessment Measures
The students are specifically assessed on the following items:
•    Class participation in discussions and small-group activities
•    Written quizzes
•    Written exams  

Other Course Information

Review and Approval

11/20/08          Course Revised and submitted                          Jon Poole

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May, 2011