Exercise, Sport and Health Education 405

I. Course Title: Personal Training

II. Course Number: ESHE 405

III. Credit Hours: 3 credits

IV. Prerequisites: ESHE 305 

V. Course Description: The course is designed to prepare the student to work as a personal trainer. Students will prepare business plans, create marketing materials and assessment tools, and create and deliver exercise programs. Emphasis is placed on applying acquired knowledge and skills to develop professional identity or professional practice.

Note(s): Applied Learning designated course.

VI. Detailed Description of Content of the Course:

The course is designed to help students gain the practical skills of personal trainers. Each student will develop:

  • Business plans and marketing material.
  • Health assessment and stratification methods.
  • Movement analysis skills.
  • Health and physical fitness assessments skills.
  • Exercise technique assessments.
  • Exercise program creation and delivery.

VI. Detailed Description of Conduct of Course:

Course information will be presented through a wide variety of teaching methods including, but not limited to: discussions, lab activities, and practical experiences in fitness settings.

VII. Goals and Objectives of the Course:

By the end of the course students will be able to:

  1. Perform a PARQ, medical history, and basic exercise screening tests.
  2. Create a basic contract related to personal training services.
  3. Perform musculoskeletal endurance, strength, power, agility, flexibility, and body composition testing.
  4. Perform orthopedic movement analysis.
  5. Evaluate exercise form on a variety of strength training, flexibility, agility, and cardiovascular exercises.
  6. Compose specific exercise prescriptions based on client histories and physical examinations.
  7. Critically reflect on the skills, knowledge, experiences, and feedback from instructors through this course and discuss additional practice and knowledge needed to become a professional personal trainer. 

VIII. Assessment Measures:

Assessments may include but are not limited to:

Written exams, portfolio assignments, critical reflections and/or presentations.


Other Course Information: None


Review and Approval 

April 2006 Reviewed by Beverly Zeakes

May, 2011

Revised 2012

March 30, 2017

March 01, 2021