Exercise, Sport and Health Education 400

ESHE 400: Financial Aspects of Sport

Prerequisites: ESHE 212, ACTG 211, ECON 105 or ECON 106

Credit Hours: (3)

Financial considerations important to sport; budgeting, fundraising, and economic impact of sport.

Detailed Description of Course

Students will develop an understanding of financial management principles for use in the administration of sport, recreation and athletic programs.  Focus will be placed on economic impact, financial budgeting, financial analysis and sources of revenues and expenses for sport organizations.  In addition, emphasis will be placed on economic theory and its use in sport management.

Detailed Description of Conduct of Course

This course may include the following:

• Class driven lecture
• Class discussions
• Group and individual exercises
• Sport stock market project
• Written assignments
• Videos
• PowerPoint/Prezi presentations
• Reading and discussing current relevant literature

Student Goals and Objectives of the Course
Students will be able to:

• Explain  basic supply and demand in the sport setting
• Discuss pertinent theories of financial analysis
• Analyze the role of financial management in the overall decision-making process of a sport organization
• Discuss types of fundraising for sport organizations
• Analyze the public financing of sport and potential economic impacts of franchises
• Create computer spreadsheets for financial manipulation.
• Identify sources of income and expense for sport organizations
• Analyze investing with stock markets and financial institutions related to sport organizations
• Identify basic principles of microeconomics as they relate to sport organizations
• Explain the importance of labor economics and antitrust regulations as they relate to sport
• Explain labor markets and labor relations
• Discuss  sport franchises as profit maximizing firms
• Summarize the concept of monopoly and antitrust
• Identify and analyze the contributions of key personalities who have helped to shape the financial and economic aspects of sport
• Analyze a current sport financial issue
• Explain labor discrimination and the impact of title IX on sports in the US
• Explain the financial aspects of college athletics and the NCAA
• Analyze the budgeting process for a sport organization

Assessment Measures

May include the following:

• Written exams
• Quizzes
• Investing portfolio
• Negotiations project
• Class discussions
• Written projects

Other Course Information


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