Exercise, Sport and Health Education 370

I. Course Title: Sociocultural Aspects of Sport (GE)

II. Course Number: ESHE 370 

III. Credit Hours: 3 credits

IV. Prerequisites: None

V. Course Description: The purpose of this course is to introduce the student to sport specific sociocultural perspectives as they apply to the study of sport management. Topics may include race/ethnicity, gender and social class, and globalization as these report to sport. Students will demonstrate the ability to assess the effect of sport in both America and global societies.

Note(s): General Education and Cultural or Behavioral Analysis designated course.

VI. Detailed Description of Content of the Course:

Topics covered in this course may include the following but are not limited to: 

  1. Social Theory & Sport
  2. Impacts of Sport on Culture
  3. Socialization & Sport
  4. Youth Sports
  5. High School and College Sports
  6. Deviance in Sport
  7. Violence in Sport
  8. Gender and Sport
  9. Race and Ethnicity and Sport
  10. Social Class & Sport
  11. Economics & Sport
  12. Politics & Sport
  13. Religion & Sport
  14. Media & Sport
  15. Globalization and Sport
  16. Sport as a microcosm of society
  17. Sport and social change
  18. What’s Trending in Sport

VI. Detailed Description of Conduct of Course:

A variety of instructional methods may be used including, but not limited to:

  • Lectures
  • Small-group work
  • Class presentations
  • Debates
  • Videos
  • Online delivery
  • Guest speakers

VII. Goals and Objectives of the Course:

  • Discuss and apply sport sociology theories to sport specific topics (i.e., youth sport, violence in sport, gender and sport)
  • Describe and provide examples for how sport is a microcosm of greater society
  • Explain and provide examples for how sport can be a vehicle for social change
  • Investigate the dominant ideologies related to sport and their role in changing/reinforcing sport culture
  • See him/her/themselves as a positive yet practical agent of change for the future of the sport industry
  • Define culture and explain how culture can shape sports within social worlds.

VIII. Assessment Measures:

Assessment measures may include, but are not limited to:

  • Movie reflections
  • Debates
  • Discussion Boards
  • Critical reflections
  • Exams
  • Presentations
  • Participation


Other Course Information: None


Review and Approval 

March 01, 2021