Exercise, Sport and Health Education 360

ESHE 360: Marketing of ESHE

Prerequisite: None

Credit Hours: (3)

Examines the entrepreneur's role with emphasis on marketing and promotion. Studies and applies methods employed to promote, market, select and administer all aspects of exercise, sport and health programs.

Detailed Description of Content of Course

Successful marketing and promotion theory and practices as they apply to exercise, sport and health education are studied. Marketing or promotion plans for a related area are developed with advertising. Whenever possible, these are implemented. All such projects must have the potential of real application.

Detailed Description of Conduct of Course

Teaching methods may include one or more of the following:

- lecture
- marketing or promotion project
- class discussions
- student presentations
- problem-based learning
- case studies

Goals and Objectives of the Course

Upon successful completion of the course, students shall be able to:

1. Describe the nature of the sport business industry.
2. Describe sport related products.
3. Describe and discuss the global market for the sport industry.
4. Analyze sport marketing theory and research.
5. Explain market segmentation and target marketing in the sport industry.
6. Utilize marketing information systems.
7. Demonstrate some marketing mix strategies within the sport industry
8. Identify sponsors and sponsor needs.
9. Explain the financial implications of corporate sponsorships.
10. Describe how corporate sponsorships are related to individual athletes.
11. Demonstrate the relationship between corporate sponsorship and the Olympic Games.
12. Develop successful sport sponsorship or promotion plans.
13. Describe the importance of branding within the sport industry.
14. Negotiate on a real sport industry issue.
15. Recognize the key components of a marketing plan.
16. Determine pricing strategies for the sport industry.
17. Create and implement promotions in the sport industry.
18. Debate the merits of media relations in sport.
19. Write a standard press release about a sporting event.
20. Recognize licensing and logos in the sport industry.
21. Analyze and identify quality sport marketing research.

Assessment Measures

Assessment measures may include one or more of the following:

- written exams
- assignments
- group projects
- presentations
- marketing or promotion plan

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