Exercise, Sport and Health Education 345

ESHE 345: Sport Ethics

Prerequisites: None

Credit Hours: (3)

Examination of the ethical principles related to sport-specific issues within the context of managing sport services.

Detailed Description of Course

This course will help students develop the ability to reason through an examination, within competitive sports, of: ethical theories, moral values, intimidation, gamesmanship, violence, eligibility, elimination, winning, commercialization, racial equity, performance-enhancing drugs, and technology. Students will develop a personal philosophy of sport and learn how to apply a principled decision-making process to issues in sport.

Detailed Description of Conduct of Course

Instructional procedures may include:

• class driven lecture
• class discussions
• group and individual exercises
• debates of current sport ethical issues
• sport ethical discussions
• written assignments
• videos
• handouts
• PowerPoint/Prezi presentations
• current relevant literature
• case studies

Student Goals and Objectives of the Course

Upon completion of the course students will:

• Compare and contrast different concepts of moral reasoning.
• Apply theories of ethics to sport specific situations.
• Demonstrate codes of ethics for sport management professionals.
• Explain the rights and responsibilities of sport management professionals in relation to professional ethics.
• Develop personal and management values in sport settings and
• Prepare a personal philosophy of social responsibility in sport management.
• Identify potential ethical dilemmas facing sport participants and sport managers.
• Apply moral reasoning concepts to resolution of ethical dilemmas facing sport participants and sport managers.

Assessment Measures

May include:

• Written Exams
• Quizzes
• Ethical Paper
• Ethical Debates
• Ethical Discussions

Other Course Information
This is a new course proposal for an undergraduate course in Sport Ethics.  Sport Ethics is currently not required for the Sport Administration concentration in the ESHE major. Sport Ethics is a course that will fulfill content standards by the Commission on Sport Management Accreditation (COSMA).

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