Exercise, Sport and Health Education 288

I. Course Title: Coaching Fundamentals (GE)

II. Course Number: ESHE 288

III. Credit Hours: 3 credits

IV. Prerequisites: None

V. Course Description: 

Provides the prospective coach with the knowledge and understanding of coaching styles, fundamentals, and techniques within a practical situation.

Note(s): General Education and Applied Learning designated course.

VI. Detailed Description of Content of the Course:

Introduces the art and science of coaching with an emphasis on practical applications. In the classroom setting the course will include principles of coaching, principles of team behaviors, principles of team management, communication, and the creation of team culture.  The practical side of the class will include the creation of practice plans, how to evaluate your team/players using try-outs, and end of season evaluations, how to create team/parent handbooks, how to create and run drills, practice and games.   

VI. Detailed Description of Conduct of Course:

Course information will be presented through a variety of teaching methods that may include, but are not limited to:

  1. Lectures
  2. Group discussions
  3. Student presentation
  4. Guest speakers
  5. Practical assignment 
  6. Practice analysis

VII. Goals and Objectives of the Course:

Having successfully completed this course, the student will be able to:

  1. Explore professional coaching by working as part of a coaching staff.
  2. Create a professional coaching plan to communicate with boosters, parents, and family.
  3. Create a professional coaching handbook that includes information for players, teams, and parents. Player/Team/Parent Handbook. 
  4. Develop a plan to create a team culture. 
  5. Communicate with athletes, coaches, and referees in controlled high stress atmosphere. 
  6. Set up and complete a one-day try-out of chosen sport complete with athlete evaluations.
  7. Set up and complete a practice within a chosen sport.
  8. Critically reflect on what was learned in the course, through materials created, and through coaching experiences completed. Include a discussion your knowledge, skills, and ability as a prospective coach; your role within the coaching organization, and what you learned that you can use in the future as a coach.

VIII. Assessment Measures:

  • Written tests
  • Assignments/Projects
  • Online assignments
  • Student presentations
  • Participation
  • Experiential learning

Review and Approval

March 01, 2021