Exercise, Sport and Health Education 136

ESHE 136: Tae Kwon Do

Credit Hours: (1) Two contact hours per week. 15-week and 7.5-week courses are offered. 7.5-week courses may be blocked together for 2 credit hours

Practice and study of sport and physical activity skills.


Detailed Description of Content of Course

Instruction in TKD may be organized into categories including stance, essential techniques, exercises front, round side kicks, TKD style punching, sparring and hyung.


Detailed Description of Conduct of Course

Focus pad training, striking the air, imaginary sparring, partner stretching, role modeling, discussion, questioning, demonstration, simulated experiences, using video tapes and lecture prepares the student for advancement to yellow belt in the Tae Kwon Do.


Goals and Objective of the Course

1. The student shall demonstrate knowledge of Korean terminology and strategies as they apply to martial arts.
2. The student shall demonstrate knowledge of the techniques and skills requires for TKD style kicking.
3. The student shall demonstrate knowledge of prearranged attack/defend methods applied in TKD.
4. The student shall demonstrate knowledge of techniques used in traditional TKD sparring practice.


Assessment Measures

Evaluation techniques include three skills tests (basic skills, one step and sparring drills) an a final written exam. Students may make up missed classes (up to three) by preparing a written report on a martial arts instructional video available in McConnell Library.


Other Course Information


Review and Approval
September 2002 Reviewed Jon Poole