Exercise, Sport and Health Education 110

ESHE 110: Badminton

Credit Hours: (1) Two contact hours per week. 15-week and 7.5-week courses are offered. 7.5-week courses may be blocked together for 2 credit hours.

Practice and study of sport and physical activity skills.


Detailed Description of Content of Course

The major topics covered in this course are those considered to be essential to the acquisition of the fundamental skills and knowledge about the game of badminton. The specific topics covered in the course, with varying degrees of emphasis, are history, equipment, rules, scoring, grip, footwork, strokes including serve, drives, overhead clears, net drop shots, singles and doubles strategy and team tactics.


Detailed Description of Conduct of Course

The course emphasizes both skill development and the acquisition of knowledge about a life-time sport, badminton, the three hours of class each week are categorized as laboratory, the 15-week semester is devoted to study and practice of the badminton activity, recognizing that the ultimate goal is to play the activity competitively.


Goals and Objectives of the Course

The objectives of the course are:

1. To select the appropriate grip for varied games and rally situations;
2. To score points in his/her serve by using the short, low or the high deep serve;
3. To use forehand and backhand strokes;
4. To execute proper footwork in moving around the playing course;
5. To place the shuttlecock within undefended areas on the opponent's side of the court;
6. To win points with offensive strokes and regain court position and end rallys with defensive strokes;
7. To end rallys using clears, smashes, and net drop shots;
8. To execute properly various formations when playing doubles.


Assessment Measures

Assessment of students success in the course is based on attendance, two written tests, class participation and two skills tests.


Other Course Information


Review and Approval
September 2002 Reviewed Jon Poole