Education 681

EDUC 681: International Education (Topic)

Credit Hours: (3)

The course is designed to contrast and compare educational programs in other countries with education in the United States. Special attention given to curriculum, faculty and student composition, legal structure, facilities and administrative arrangements.

Note(s): Course may be repeated with different topic.


Detailed Description and Course Syllabus

The students will identify, compare, and contrast the American educational systems and the topic countries in terms of : history societal expectations, economic influences, and other demographic influences.

Particular attention with be paid to the following characteristics and how they interact to produce unique cultural differences.

1. Curriculum
2. Facilities
3. Administrative arrangements
4. Faculty
5. Student body composition
6. Legal structure
7. Required courses
8. Standardized testing
9. Graduation requirements
10. Levels of education
11. Vocational programs


Detailed Description of Conduct of Course


Goals and Objectives of the Course


Assessment Measures


Other Course Information


Approval and Revision Dates
January 1999 Course number changed from 581 to 681