Education 612

EDUC-612: Problems in Social Studies

Prerequisite: Elementary certification or teaching experience in the elementary school

Credit Hours: (3)

Selected topics in the social studies area to be determined by the interests of students in the course. For the elementary classroom teacher, supervisor, principal or specialist in the social studies area.


Detailed Description and Course Syllabus

A. Interdisciplinary approaches to social studies in the elementary school

1. Development of inquiry, valuing and decision making skills
2. Development of an inter-disciplinary unit
3. Teaching new concepts with traditional content
4. Using psychological concepts
5. Inter-disciplinary social studies projects
6. The teacher as an inquirer

B. The review of current literature to analyze for facts, concepts, generalizations and theories
C. The discussion of controversial issues, e.g. racial relations, poverty, war, juvenile delinquency, pollution, pornography, drug addiction, etc.

3. Exit Skills

As a result of taking this course the students should have the following competencies:

A. Be able to understand and put into effect the meaning of controversial issues.
B. Be able to apply A through a unit of instruction.
C. Be able to differentiate between the emotive and cognitive domains of learning.
D. Be able to review and report in class the latest research in the area of social studies.
E. Be able to develop the following objectives:

1. Understandings
2. Skills
3. Attitudes
4. Concepts
5. Generalizations

F. Be able to associate in a Cognitive area the objectives of:

1. Self-realization
2. Human relationships
3. Economics
4. Civic responsibility

G. Be able to identify F with the following philosophies:

1. The pragmatist
2. The idealist
3. The realist
4. The existentialist