Education 402

EDUC 402: Second Language Teaching Methods

Prerequisites: FORL 400

Credit Hours: (3)

Provides students with concepts necessary to analyze traditional and innovative second language teaching methods. Provides rationale for selection, application, and assessment of methodological choice.


Detailed Description of Content of Course

The following topics are introduced and discussed:

  • Theories of traditional and innovative methods for teaching second language skills
  • Use of audio and visual materials
  • Teaching listening comprehension
  • Teaching the speaking skill
  • Reading a second language
  • Teaching writing
  • Cultural content of curriculum and instruction
  • Testing, assessment, and evaluation
  • Classroom organization and management
  • Selection of techniques and materials
  • Lesson planning and implementation


Detailed Description of Conduct of Course

Presentations, readings, and classroom discussions are the basis for the application of linguistic and pedagogical concepts to the choice and use of planning methods, delivery techniques, and assessment procedures. Discussions, lesson planning, and curriculum development, and students' papers focus on both teacher-generated and student-generated case studies of foreign and second-language learning situations.


Goals and Objectives of Course


In this course students study, discuss, and practice all aspects of curricular design, instructional delivery, and student assessment across a wide range of concrete foreign and second language learning situations. Students acquire the skills necessary to plan and supervise language instruction and function as teacher trainers at the secondary and tertiary levels.


1. Identify viable theoretical approaches to language instruction.
2. Utilize language learning theory to identify appropriate delivery techniques and related skill objectives.
3. Combine specific techniques into the unique teaching methods designed for specific teaching/learning situations.


Assessment Measures

1. True-false, multiple choice, short-answer, and essay tests.
2. Individual paper-length case studies.
3. Individual class performance grades.


Other Course Information

One of several suitable texts is Celce-Murcia & Lois McIntosh, Teaching English as a Second or Foreign Language, Rowley, MA: Newbury House, 1979. This course may also be taken for graduate credit. Students enrolled in the course for graduate credit are expected to complete additional work in the form of readings, papers, or a limited research project.