Counselor Education 680

COED 680: Couples and Family Counseling: Theory and Methods

Prerequisites: COED 610 and COED 611

Credit Hours: (3)

COED 680 is a survey course that examines the historical antecedents, philosophical assumptions and theoretical rationale of the major approaches to marital and family therapy.


Detailed Description of Content of Course

The course presents a comprehensive view of the primary models and theoretical orientations of marriage and family counseling. Specific approaches and theories include: the psychodynamic model, the family systems model, the structural model, the communications model, the strategic model, the experiential model, the humanistic model and the behavioral model. Developmental tasks of family therapy will be identified and current and future trends will be explored. Student counselors will learn and demonstrate an ability to:

1. define and distinguish between the terms and terminology used in the family therapy field;
2. integrate the specific family therapy approaches with their theoretical model or school of thought;
3. participate in class experiences designed to provide a more complete understanding of family therapy;
4. demonstrate a basic understanding of client behavior and family dynamics;
5. review the current literature of marriage and family therapy.


Detailed Description of Conduct of Course

Lecture/Laboratory - films, videotapes and audiotapes of actual counseling sessions as well as in-class simulation and role playing of the various family therapy approaches.


Goals and Objectives of the Course

To provide an opportunity for students with no prior coursework in marriage and/or family counseling to become familiar with and able to identify the major theoretical and therapeutic positions assumed by contemporary theorists and practitioners of marital and family therapy.


Assessment Measures

  • Class Attendance and Participation - students will be assessed based on their active involvement with the in-class simulations and role playing.
  • Paper and Presentation - each student will research and present to the class one of the models of family therapy.
  • Tests


Other Course Information

Funds will need to be made available for the rental and/or purchase of training tapes.


Review and Approval
April 1999Revised