Counselor Education 671

COED 671: Secondary School Counseling

Prerequisites: COED 610 or faculty approval

Credit Hours: (3)

The course focuses on the functions, roles, and current issues of secondary school counselors. Content areas include foundations of secondary school counseling, knowledge and practice of school counseling, assessment, and consultation.  major concerns of adolescents and counseling approaches to assist these concerns are also included. 


Detailed Description of Content of Course

The basic purposes of this course are:

1. To acquaint students with the goals, procedures, activities and programs that are essential to an effective secondary counseling program.
2. To consider effective organizational and administrative patterns of exemplary secondary school counseling programs.


Detailed Description of Conduct of Course

Lecture, Seminar - develop a comprehensive secondary school counseling program.


Goals and Objectives of the Course

The objectives of this course are:

1. To develop students abilities to write a statement of philosophy and objectives for a program of helping services.
2. To develop students abilities to determine the effectiveness of the helping services including formulating appropriate criteria and collecting, analyzing, interpreting, and reporting results.
3. To develop students abilities to understand the management skills necessary to: develop the program of services; utilize personnel, materials, facilities, time and money; interpret the program to students, parents, school staff and community; and insure meaningful articulation of the program of student services throughout the total program, institution and community.
4. To develop students abilities to understand the role and the relationship among the various helping service workers and how to best utilize their services for the greatest benefit to the individual client.
5. To develop students abilities to understand the formal and informal aspects of organization in order to work more effectively with administration, staff and the community.
6. To develop students abilities to understand the school curricular and co-curricular objectives, services and requirements.
7. To develop students abilities to develop counseling, coordination, and consulting skills needed to meet the needs of students.


Assessment Measures

Grade will be determined by the comprehensive plan developed.


Other Course Information



Review and Approval
April 1999 Revised