Counselor Education 663

COED 663: Leadership and Organizational Behavior

Prerequisites: COED 660 or permission of the instructor

Credit Hours: (3)

COED 663 is intended to provide in depth knowledge regarding organizational behavior and the psychological and managerial aspects of leadership behaviors. This course will look at institutions of higher education as the primary context for examining these two critical areas.


Detailed Description of Content of Course

This course is designed primarily for students following the student affairs administration and the student affairs counseling tracts within the Department of Counselor Education. Course content could be applicable to other helping professionals who need an introduction to the study of both organizational dynamics and leadership behavior. A focus of the course will be on leadership and organizational behavior within the higher education arena. Topics for the course will include: Organizational paradigms, group process in organizations, problem analysis and problem solving, decision making, negotiation strategies, mediation, methods of organizational intervention, leadership styles, motivation, assertiveness, oral and written communication within organizations, and stress management.


Detailed Description of Conduct of Course

COED 663 combines lecture, discussion and experiential components within the classroom. Emphasis will be placed upon understanding of self and others as leaders, as followers, as agents of change, and as members of organizations.


Goals and Objectives of Course

Objectives of this course include:

1. Understand design and function of organizations.
2. Learn how to intervene appropriately with individuals or groups to facilitate organizational functioning.
3. Know the impact of various leadership styles.
4. Exhibit the ability to analyze leadership style and its effect upon organizational functioning.
5. Understanding one’s own leadership style and adequate adaptation of such when appropriate.


Assessment Measures

Assessment measures used in this course will include

1. Class attendance and participation. Student will be assessed based on their active involvement and contributions to in-class discussions.
2. Student will complete a project analyzing organizational functioning.
3. Student will write a paper on an aspect of leadership.


Other Course Information

1. Outside readings will be assigned.
2. Guest speakers will be used as appropriate.


Review and Approval
April 1999 Revised