Counselor Education 662

COED 662: Student Affairs Administration

Prerequisite: COED 660 or concurrently

Credit Hours: (3)

This course provides the student with an overview of the areas of importance in the administration of a college student affairs division. Will be concerned with current research and its application to practice.


Detailed Description of Content of Course

This course is designed for students enrolled in the Student Affairs concentration in the Counselor Education Department. The following topics will be covered:

1. Organizational theory
2. Organizational development
3. Student Affairs Leadership
4. Administrative and managementtheories
5. College environments
6. Utilizing theory in practice
7. Legal issues in administrationand human resource management
8. Supervision and evaluation of staff
9. Fiscal management
10. Physical management
11. Program development
12. Student outcome assessment
13. Conflict resolution
14. Multicultural student development


Detailed Description of Conduct of Course

EDCS 564 is taught primarily as lecture-discussion format. In order to gain experience in developing, defending, and advocating student development concepts and organizational change, teams will be asked to develop proposals that would require change in a university, college, or community college.Each team will:

(a) develop a proposal,
(b) defend, in as effective means as possible, the team's proposal,
(c) as a constituency within the University that is opposed to change in the area under consideration, argue against the adoption of another team's proposal, and
(d) act as the decision making body who is charged to act from an institution-wide perspective.


Goals and Objectives

Objectives of this course include:

1. Know the major theories of

  • organizational structure
  • management
  • organization development
  • budget formation and administration
  • organizational leadership

2. Know applications of the above theories to higher education and student affairs organizations
3. Know the basic elements of college administration as related to student affairs as follows:

  • planning
  • organizing
  • staffing
  • leading
  • evaluating
  • developing

4. Understand how theories of student development relate to administering student affairs organizations
5. Identify important issues and legal parameters in selection, supervision, and evaluation of professional and support staff in student affairs organizations.
6. Understand strategiesof planned change in higher education and the effects of organizational culture on higher education institutions and strategies for planned change.


Assessment measures

1. Class attendance and participation. Students will be assessed on their degree of involvement as team members in the assigned simulations. Simulation responses will be based on material contained in "Detailed Description of Conduct of Course".
2. Completionand submission of class discussion worksheets
3. Submit a ten-page paper on use of an organization development technique in student affairs.
4. Submit a policy paper.


Other course information



Review and Approval
February 1999 Course prefix and number change from EDCS 564 to COED 662