Counselor Education 661

COED 661 - The College Student and Developmental Theories

Prerequisites: COED 660 or concurrently

Credit Hours: (3)

This course is comprised of two components. One examines the developmental needs of today’s college students. This in-depth examination covers characteristics, demographics, culture, challenges and needs of the college students in today’s institutions of higher education. The second component is studying the process of human growth and development during the college years. Students’ intellectual, moral, ethical, ego, psychosocial, identity and career development is examined. Linking theory to the challenges facing college students is the foundation of this course.


Detailed Description of Content of Course

The course provides an overview of the major theories of student development. Students examine the issues raised by the theories and develop practical responses to the theories applicable in a higher education context.


Detailed Description of Conduct of Course

Lecture, class participation


Goals and Objectives of the Course

A. Become familiar with the literature and resources available that impacts upon the profession.
B. Complete an in-depth study of one aspect of the topics explored in the course.
C. Understand the basic process of human growth and development during the college years.
D. Understand the major theories related to human growth and development during the college years and how the student affairs profession translates theories into practice.
E. Understand the link which exists between the developmental theories and the services and programs provided by student affairs.
F. Understand the issues involved in maintaining a balance between developmental theory and administrative management needs.


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April 1999 Revised