Early Childhood Education 500

EDEC 500: Foundations, Programs, and Trends in Early Childhood Education

Credit Hours: (3)

The historical, philosophical, and social foundations of early childhood education and how these foundations influence current thought and practice will be examined.  Students will explore philosophical schools influencing the development of the profession and perspectives on early childhood.  Public policies and current trends in America that impact young children and their families will be addressed.  Students will research and critically examine various educational programs and curricula for young children. 


Detailed Description of Content of Course

I. Historical, philosophical, and social foundations of Early Childhood Education

            A. Historical perspectives

            B. Philosophical perspectives

            D. Social and political contexts

            D. Influential people

II. Early Childhood Curriculum

            A. Visible and invisible

            B. Models

                        1. Montessori

                        2. Anti-Bias Curriculum

                        3. High Scope

                        4. Bank Street

                        5. Reggio Emilio

                        6. Creative Curriculum

                        8. Responsive Classroom/Environment (Nimnicht, Wood)

                        9. Other (Distar, etc.)

III. Program Formats

            A. Child care and day care

                        1. center-based

                        2. home-based

                        3. caring for mildly ill children

            B. Nursery school

            C. Kindergarten

            D. Head Start & Early Head Start

            E. Parent cooperatives

            F. Family resource centers

            G. Infant programs

            H. Even Start

            I. Programs and service delivery systems for at-risk children

                        1. Virginia Preschool Initiative

                        2. Title I Preschool

                        3. Early Intervention

            J. Other