Appalachian Studies 680

APST 680: Appalachian Studies Internship
Prerequisite: At least two 3-credit APST graduate courses, or one 3-credit course undergraduate APST course and  one 3-credit APST graduate course.
Credit Hours: 3

Brief Description of Course

Each hour of credit will require 40 hours on the job. This course counts up to three hours toward fulfillment of requirements for the Graduate Certificate in Appalachian Studies and is a one-semester internship with a public or private agency In Appalachia. Student will receive academic and agency supervision.

Note(s): The course will be graded on a pass/fail basis.

Detailed Description of Course

Content: Varies with each individual proposal for an internship.  Types of activities may include but are not limited to conducting research for a nonprofit Appalachian community agency, serving as an interpreter at a regional museum, or providing educational outreach support for an agency.    

Detailed Description of Conduct of Course

A proposal, or “Memo of Understanding,” with the supervisor should detail the experiential learning that will be the central feature of the internship, and the nature and purposes of the work to be performed.  It should discuss how the internship fits with the student’s educational and career goals and include a description of the goals and objectives of the internship.  A formal internship will be arranged by the Appalachian Studies Program with responsible persons in a cooperating organization.  Internships will have an academic base, combining work with study.  The agency supervisor provides on-the-job instruction and guidance and regular evaluations of the intern’s work.  The faculty supervisor follows up on each intern, closely checking on training and experience obtained at work and resolving any problems that may arise.  The proposal for an internship must include the faculty supervisor’s description of how the student’s performance will be evaluated.

Goals and Objectives of this Course

Vary with each individual proposal for an internship, but must include a central theme related to any aspect of Appalachia, whether cultural, economic, environmental, or some other regional characteristic.  These goals may be both content-centered and process-centered.

Assessment Measures

Vary with each individual proposal for an internship.  They may include but are not limited to submission of weekly reflective journals, bi-weekly documentation of research progress and projects, or a journal-length article that unites the student’s research and practical experiences.  Evaluations of progress occur at regular intervals throughout the internship period; final evaluations are arrived at by the supervisor at the conclusion of the internship.  The faculty supervisor will provide a grade based in part on the site supervisor’s evaluation of the intern.

Other Course Information

Proposals for an internship may not replicate the content of established courses.  They should provide opportunities for students to study and perform in ways they could not in established courses.

Review and Approval

Review and approval of all internship proposals will be conducted by the Chair of the Appalachian Studies Program.