Confidentiality of Records FAQ

If my child is a student, and I pay the bills why, can't I find out their grades?

We can only release academic information to a student and designated individual with a documented signed FERPA release.

Can you tell me what my GPA is?

We can release that information to you only in person with a valid ID.

Can you tell me my Student ID number?

Student ID numbers are confidential.  We can only provide that information with a valid ID. We never release academic information over the phone, however we can send your Student ID number to you using your RU email account.

I applied for a job and you couldn't verify I attended, why?

We cannot provide any information about anyone with restricted information. We can only provide information once their information is no longer restricted.

Can you tell me what classes I've had?

We can release this information in person with a valid photo ID.  However, we cannot release that information over the phone.  If you unable to come in person, another option is to view your unofficial transcripts online in the student information system or request official transcripts from our office.

Can I get a copy of my testing scores or transferred transcripts?

You may receive a copy of the information with:

  • Valid ID
  • Written request

What do I do if I can't find my question?

Email your question to  If enough persons have the same question, it might end up here.