Spring and Summer 2024 Class Schedule

The Spring and Summer 2024 class schedules are now accessible here.  A concise version of it can be found in OneCampus (search concise schedule and select the Concise Schedule tile).  Please note that room assignments, if made already, are subject to change.     

Registration Landing Page for Students

The Registration Landing Page for students in OneCampus the following links:

  • Prepare for Registration to see student registration status, registration times, and any holds that will prevent the student from registering.
  • Plan Your Schedule, which is a tool that allows students to build a course registration plan for a semester from which students can register when your registration time begins.  See the video tutorial or written instructions on our Registration Information page.  Faculty advisors can also access students plans through this link by entering the student ID# or name.
  • Browse Classes to view course offerings by semester.
  • Browse Course Catalog to view all courses listed in the Graduate and Undergraduate Catalogs.  (Note: not all courses in the Course Catalog are offered every semester.)
  • Register for Classes to search and register for classes that are offered by semester.  See the video tutorial or written instructions on our Registration Information page.

Registration PINs

Registration PINs have been assigned to all degree-seeking undergraduate students who are currently enrolled this term.  Graduate students do not need PINs to register.  PINs can be accessed in any one of three ways: 1) in your Advisee Listing found in Self-Service Banner (PINs will be listed under Registration Notices on the top right side of the Student Profile); 2) from your department’s administrative assistant or the Highlander Success Center; or 3) by contacting the Registrar’s Office at 540-831-5271.  Please note that you must select a 2024 Spring or Summer term to view your advisees’ PINs.

Undergraduate and Graduate Catalogs

Access Undergraduate Catalogs and Graduate Catalogs here.  If you need to confirm a student’s catalog year, you can access it in their Degree Works degree audit or by contacting the Registrar’s Office at 540-831-5271.

Degree Works Degree Audit

The Degree Works degree audit can be found in OneCampus by searching “Degree Audit” and selecting the “Degree Audit Responsive Dashboard” tile. If you notice errors in the degree audits, please report those to, and we will promptly correct them.  

Course Overrides

Only department chairs and school directors in individual departments and schools have the authority to override a prerequisite requirement, a course capacity limit, or a time conflict with another course.  That override is given electronically through our student information system.  Once that override has been placed on a student’s record, the student must register for the course online in the same way that the student would register for any other course.

Registration Times

Spring and Summer 2024 registration begins on Monday, October 30th at 7:00 a.m.  Registration start times for undergraduate students have been assigned according to classification and can be accessed through the Prepare for Registration link of the Registration Landing Page. Click here to see how registration times were assigned.

Students with approved registration overloads will be permitted to begin registering for more than 18 hours on Monday November 13th. 

All graduate students can begin registering on Monday, October 30th at 7:00 a.m.

Additional Information and Training

In addition to being able to access your Advisee Listing in the Self-Service Banner, you can also access student schedules, unofficial transcripts, transfer credit information, student holds, and more by clicking on the Banner SSB Student Menu. 

For those who would like help accessing this information, please contact the Registrar’s Office at 540-831-5271 (main campus) or 540-831-2100 (RUC),, or simply stop by our office located on the main floor in Heth Hall (main campus) or 4th floor, suite 417-419 (RUC).