Suspension Appeals

Suspension Appeals Process

Students may submit an Appeal of Suspension to the Suspension Appeals Committee, which includes representation from academic and student affairs, within 10 business days following notification of suspension.  Appeals of suspension are not automatically granted.  Generally, suspension appeals are only approved when the student is able to sufficiently demonstrate that his/her academic performance suffered as a result of factors outside the student’s control and/or the student has shown significant academic progress since falling below the suspension threshold.

Students who are suspended at the conclusion of Spring or Summer II-III sessions are eligible to submit a suspension appeal once the official email notification has been delivered.  Students who have been suspended are strongly encouraged to contact their Academic Advising Center to discuss all options regarding their academic deficiency prior to submitting an appeal (see Advising Center links below).  Advising staff are a valuable resource that can assist with achieving academic success.

To submit a suspension appeal, log into your MyRU Portal --> Academics Icon --> Academic Tools Menu --> Online Suspension Appeal Form.

Advising Center for Major Exploration

Davis College of Business and Economics Advising Center

College of Education and Human Development Advising Center

College of Humanities and Behavioral Sciences Advising Center

Artis College of Science and Technology Advising Center

College of Visual and Performing Arts Advising Center

Waldron College of Health and Human Services Advising Center

Spring 2020 appeals may be submitted beginning Wednesday, May 13, 2020.  Appeals, along with all supporting documentation, must be submitted within 10 business days from that date.

Summer 2020 appeals may be submitted beginning Thursday, August 6, 2020.  Appeals along, with all supporting documentation, must be submitted within 10 business days from that date.