The REAL Journey: Milestone Documents

In the Fall 2017, the Radford University faculty began the process of reconsidering their existing approach to general education. Over the course of the next few years, faculty from every academic college would participate in committees that reviewed the Core Curriculum and assessed the best general education path forward for students and the university. By determining the academic values that underlie general education and developing a set of guiding principles, the Radford University faculty established the strong foundation upon which to build their innovative approach. The resulting REAL Curriculum gives students choice to determine their pathways to degree completion and documents the development of traditional general education competencies within majors, minors, and certificates. This model puts the student at the center of the university experience and draws on expertise from every academic discipline, recognizing there are many ways to build critical knowledge and skills. The REAL Curriculum establishes campus-wide learning goals and outcomes to help students develop a lifelong love for learning. The links below provide the milestone documents that record this journey.