Campus Security & Safety

Radford University is committed to maintaining a safe and secure educational environment and continues to develop new programs and technologies to better protect the campus community.

Radford University Police Department

The Radford University Police Department is a full-service, sworn, accredited law enforcement agency devoted to the welfare of the University community. The department enforces state laws and Radford University policy on all property owned or controlled by the university as well as on adjacent streets and sidewalks. Members of the department are dedicated to maintain and improve the safety, security, and quality of life within our community.

Patrol Services

We provide 24-hour patrol protection to the campus, parking lots, residence halls and other properties owned or controlled by the university or its foundation. Radford University Police officers are vested with full law enforcement powers and responsibilities, identical to the local police or sheriff's department in your home community. The officers are trained at the New River Criminal Justice Training Academy and receive additional in-service and specialized training in first aid, firearms, defensive tactics, legal updates, human relations, sensitivity issues, and criminal investigations.

Radford Alert

The Radford Alert system allows students, faculty, and staff to receive emergency messages through telephone, email, and text messaging. Additionally, when a Radford Alert is generated additional campus alert technologies can be activated providing a multiple alert capability.

Students, faculty, and staff are automatically enrolled into Radford Alert through their Banner profile. This allows students, faculty, and staff to receive Radford Alert messages via cell phone calls, SMS messaging, and personal email addresses. Learn more about Radford Alert.

Radford Safe App

RADFORD SAFE is the official safety app of Radford University. It is the only app that integrates with Radford University's safety and security systems. The app will send you important safety alerts and provide instant access to campus safety resources.

Features include:

  • mobile bluelight
  • virtual police or friend walk
  • tips reporting
  • chat with RUPD
  • send your location and a message indicating you're OK
  • campus maps and much more!

Safety Escort

A safety escort service is available for anyone walking alone on campus by calling the University Police dispatcher at 540-831-5500.

Crisis Intervention Team

The Crisis Intervention Team is trained to deal with mental health and substance abuse issues. Team members are available to respond effectively and appropriately to individuals in crisis, bringing an element of understanding and compassion to these difficult situations.

Crime Prevention

The function of the Crime Prevention Unit is the proactive identification of crime, staff and students needs, and developing crime prevention and safety programs to reduce identified or anticipated crime trends. This is accomplished through educating and encouraging the Radford University community to participate in a partnership approach to crime prevention. The Crime Prevention Unit also provides information, assistance and support to the Patrol Services Division and Investigation Services Division in their daily duties to reduce and eliminate crime. Each officer at the Radford University Police Department participates in crime prevention during their daily tours of duty.


The Adopt-A-Hall program was initiated as an effort to make it easier for student residents and police officers to communicate with one another. Participating officers are assigned residence halls and work closely with Residential Life staff within the selected residence halls. The educational and crime prevention needs of each residence hall are assessed and programming is specifically designed and implemented to address these needs. Participating officers patrol their respective residence halls and spend time with the staff and residents of these halls; as a result, residents are more likely to approach participating officers to report concerns, crimes, and issues.

Rape Aggression Defense Training

The Rape Aggression Defense System is a program of realistic, self-defense tactics and techniques. The R.A.D. System is a comprehensive course for women that begins with awareness, prevention, risk reduction and avoidance, while progressing on to the basics of hands-on defense training.

Emergency Phones

There are many outdoor emergency telephones located on campus, linked directly to the University Police Department. Their locations include:

  • The Lot Z at the Dedmon Center
  • Inside the shelter area of Lot CC off University Drive
  • At the control building near the baseball and softball fields
  • At Preston & Young Hall area
  • Lot B behind McConnell Hall (library)
  • Lot S at Cook Hall
  • Lot E on University Drive
  • Armstrong Maintenance Complex building (Front Entrance)
  • Lot FF off Stockton St.
  • Lot I by Moffett Hall and in each of the four residential quads on the main campus
  • Emergency phones are also located inside the Dedmon Center locker rooms