Stacy Austin


Stacy Austin
Class of 2018, M.S. Data Information and Management
Radford, Virginia

His Highlander pride began early, having grown up just down the street from the university.

“I have always been a Highlander-in-training,” Stacy Austin said.

He completed his Bachelor’s degree in Information Science and Systems with a Web Development Concentration while working full-time at the university. Once the Data and Information Management graduate program began accepting students, Austin knew he needed to continue his course of study.

Austin credits Dr. Ian Barland, associate professor in the Artis College of Science and Technology, for adequately preparing him for graduate-level courses.

“I remember when I joined my undergrad IT program… I felt very lost,” Austin said. “But by the third week I was able to get the hang of it, in part due to [Dr. Barland’s] extensive accessibility online and unique teaching style. I ended up doing extremely well in that course and knowing three new programming languages like the back of my hand.”

That attention to care and continuous drive toward innovation were two standout characteristics of the university, he said, and the pioneering changes he has witnessed are inspiring.

“A lot of companies, or even colleges, sometimes get stuck in a rut of traditional thinking or decision making and end up staying there for a long time, stagnant,” Austin explained. “I don’t see that here at all; in fact quite the opposite, and look forward to seeing what the future holds for Radford University.”

Austin said that his experience at Radford University has improved his skills and better prepared him for more advanced roles in information technology.

“Through both my education and work experience here, the university has helped me develop professionally and ensured that I have a thorough knowledge of current, modern and cutting edge technologies in my field,” Austin explained.