Sajid Ansari


Sajid Ansari
Class of 2020, Computer Science and Technology
Chantilly, Virginia

Small class sizes and a hands-on approach to learning drew Sajid Ansari to Radford University during a college fair in his hometown of Chantilly, Virginia.

"Where other universities rely on largely theory based learning, Radford University offered courses that provided real and practical knowledge that I can take with me once I graduate," Ansari explained.

With a passion for programming that started in middle school, Ansari enrolled in Radford's Computer Science and Technology major with a concentration in Software Engineering.

"I started programming competitively in the Technology Student Association in 8th grade and continued until I graduated high school," Ansari explained. "Programming has always felt like a creative endeavor to me, and choosing Computer Science was a way for me to further my knowledge of the field while also having a lot of fun."

Ansari said he enjoys the personalized learning environment at Radford that comes with smaller class sizes. He has opportunities to collaborate with other students who share his interest in Software Engineering and interact directly with professors, while appreciating the resources that the university offers, including quiet areas to study and complete homework.

Programming is not the only passion that Ansari has fostered during his time at Radford. He found another creative outlet in astrophotography at the university's Selu Conservancy, located just minutes from campus on 380 acres along the Little River. The conservancy sports an "innovative observatory", which Ansari explained heavily factored into his decision to attend Radford.

"Although my major is Computer Science, I have met many amazing professors and students in the Astronomy and Physics departments who share my passion for astronomy and astrophotography," Ansari said.

After graduation, Ansari plans to pursue employment in Software Engineering while earning a master's in Computer Science and hopes to continue developing his astrophotography skills using the knowledge he has gained from his time at the Selu Conservancy.

Ansari feels assured that his time at Radford has prepared him for a future career in Software Engineering.

"Having a degree from Radford University will allow me to showcase knowledge of my field and experience with subject areas that are covered in the courses I have and will be taking at Radford University."