Rene Vega


Senior, Springfield, Virginia
Major: Nutrition and Dietetics  in the College of Education and Human Development
Campus Involvement: Founder and president of the Radford University chapter of Students Helping Honduras

Rene Vega came to Radford University hoping to find his direction in life. He was drawn to the welcoming atmosphere and reputation for academic excellence that the university had to offer.

During his time at Radford, he has enjoyed seeing a surge in the number of student organizations, construction of new buildings and the rise in student diversity.  

“Radford is amazing now; I can’t wait to see it in 10 years!” he said.

Vega also enjoys having greater interaction with his professors due to smaller class sizes.

“I don’t have to wait in line to talk to my professor behind 50 other students who have questions,” he said.

In his freshman year, Vega attended a meeting for Students Helping Honduras, an organization that is dedicated to bringing educational resources to underprivileged children. At the first meeting, he realized he wanted to make a difference, and decided to take a service trip to Honduras. It was a life-changing experience that inspired him to continue his involvement with the organization. He now manages the Radford chapter of Students Helping Honduras and leads student groups on trips to that country where they work to build schools and provide badly needed school supplies.

Vega aspires to make a positive change by promoting exercise and good health within his own community as well. After he graduates, he plans to pursue a career in health and wellness, possibly as a chiropractic doctor.

After spending some of his most memorable times at Radford University, Vega believes that he’s learned valuable lessons beyond the classroom. He is looking forward to what the future will bring.

“Radford has shown me a side of myself I never knew,” Vega said. “I have become a different and better person through the experiences I’ve had here.”